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Sep 23, 2012 8:00am EDT
context. >> you know, it turns out michele bachmann is right, the muslim brotherhood infiltrated the white house. the government does not control the levers of communication is unimaginable. of course we need to explain that. >> yes. >> it's a straight-up informational thing. fair enough. >> i have to admit, i have been troubled as a liberal as the references by this administration in america to the fact that they found the vid video -- okay, so you did. the repeated acknowledgement of this makes me think that, you know, there isn't as strong a pride in what makes america america, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. >> let's go one step further than that. what makes america is like giving one another offense. you ever turn on the tv or go to a hollywood movie? let me take a step in an abstract direction. if you live in the midwest where they don't make movies and tv shows and your culture is beamed in from the two coasts of the world and it's massively insulting to you, it makes you angry. of course we don't, in this country, we don't riot. >> we have jobs and homes and cars. >> w
Sep 23, 2012 5:00am PDT
, including people with very little money is something michele bachmann has been pushing for. >> can i just talk about that tax situation? >> i want to ask emil, in the tape, i'm curious if you, two things that get said a lot. i wonder, do you worry about the makers/takers dynamic and people not paying enough at the bottom? i talk to people in wall street besieged or attacked or persecuted by the current administration? >> well, let's see. i'm going to answer your question. in your opening statement, which i found really interesting and i listened very closely to you said one of the things you found interesting about that tape was the questions. i have to say, i would love to have a tape out at george clooney's mansion on the west coast. >> absolutely. no, no. let me be very clear here. donor questions is not a partisan issue. i have been in rooms with democratic donors asking equally dumb questions. >> thank you. i wanted to make it all fair and valid. >> that's not partisan. that i agree with. >> the second one -- i heard bob say -- go ahead. >> do you worry about this makers taker
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2